As anyone can see, this is all a work-in-progress (or WIP, as the fancy lingo goes). Just trying to feel my way through the internet, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll translate out to that life out there beyond the screen. There’s a bit more explanatory stuff on the About section, so feel free to go there. Basically, Abjure is my escape; the “slogan” or whatever it’s supposed to be is something like “abjure the grind”… It’s all laid out a bit better in the About section, just go click it. I doubt this blog/website/thingy will ever be something clean and smooth, but I don’t want it to be, not really. This is my place, ramshackle as it may seem. I’m not sure what rules there are for blogs, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be breaking or at least bending most of them. Oh well. Buck the norm and abjure the grind, right?