TFAB #10: NaNo Journal 2017 Day 20

As promised, here's a link to my Day 20 journal post. Spoiler warning: I won, and the journal reflects how tired I am at the moment. But you can read it in full here and I'll be doing a much more in-depth one on the 30th.


Query Update

Well, I just had an agent sorta request my revised first chapter!!! (I asked if I could send it in response to a reject letter, which you're not usually supposed to do, but it wasn't a form reject and I thought why the hell not.) Also entering the #70pit17 and #PitMad contests this week. It's … Continue reading Query Update

A little snippet…

So, how does one consistently blog when one is also revising a manuscript, planning and outlining another, and querying every day/week? Whoever does it, you must be practicing time travel...