When That Query Anxiety Strikes Out Of Nowhere

I don't have a lot of "good mornings". I don't usually wake up cheerful and bubbly with jewel-toned birds chirruping after me on the way to work. My brain doesn't actually work at 100% until at least 10 a.m. and only after that first cup of coffee zings through my blood. So I was very … Continue reading When That Query Anxiety Strikes Out Of Nowhere


2017 Round-Up

Now that we’re officially more than two weeks into the New Year, it feels right to do a little New Year’s Round-Up for 2017—gotta love that sweet, sweet procrastination. But 2017 was such a garbage year, I wanted to put something out into the Internet ether about the good/cool things that happened. Positivity, people—they keep … Continue reading 2017 Round-Up