Does anyone else ever feel like…

(BTW, how does one start “series” on one’s blog? Just start a few articles and name them all similarly? IDK, anyway…)

So does anyone else ever feel like they haven’t done enough in a day? Leaving out those feelings produced from varying degrees of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, doesn’t it ever just feel like, societal-pressure-wise, like the day’s never done? Even when you go to work, go to a few extra-curricular meetings, do your chores, watch all your shows, read all your books…You’re just never done.

The to-do list never ends, I guess is what I’m trying to say. And some people feel motivated by that, I guess. I just wonder if there’ll ever be a time when you can sit, for hours and days and more at a time, when you just don’t feel the urge to do something, because society’s watching you and doesn’t like you not doing something.

So…if you’re out there, tell me: do you ever feel like you’ve done enough? Or does the to-do list and society’s expectation for you to always be on top of it get the better of you no matter how productive you are?

(Here, I abjure that butthead of a society, breathe it out, and then, I guess, go back to work and constant laundry later. Damn it.)


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