Karaoke at Work

First of all: DON’T EVER DO IT. Literally no one ever wants to listen to constipated goat singing on the one half hour lunch you have away from your job.

Aside from the fact that work has a horrible policy of being completely idiotic, you have “colleagues” who don’t know how to do their job. If you work somewhere and you’ve barely been there six months, do not argue with the poor souls who’ve been trapped there for years. We know our shit; stop trying to stir said shit. And if you’re one of the people who do nothing but suck up to leadership, just know that literally everyone hates you. Literally. Everyone.

Some of this contempt and aggravation may have been motivated and fueled by the fact I was off for a week, but still. I should get a medal for my self-control: the did-not-break-everyone’s-soul-by-telling-them-how-horrible-their-souls-are award.

(You’ll also notice that this is filed in the category ‘Day Jobs Are Shit’ [then again, I don’t know if you all actually see the categories because I am still floundering around WordPress]. Those people who praise day jobs…Those people are idiots. I used to be one; I used to be an idiot. Day jobs suck. They do. Don’t try to tell me I could have it worse. The fact I’m not dead in a ditch or digging said ditch doesn’t change the fact a sliver of my soul dies every time I walk through that turnstile.)


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