Query Letter Update…

Kinda feel like I’m at the end of my rope here. I did everything right: did not submit my first draft after NaNoWriMo, took four years to revise and edit multiple drafts, got beta readers and workshoppers to help, followed the query letter instructions and made multiple drafts, for input from one of my old professors on my query letter, and have followed agents’ submissions procedures to the letter. And all of the responses I’ve gotten back don’t even outline the places I could improve; they’ve even said I’m a talented writer even as they reject my work, for crying out loud. I just don’t know what else they want (and it’s hard to convince myself that they just do it out of a twisted pleasure at doing the rejection at this point, though logically I know that’s not it). Anyone else want to commiserate? Anyone else feel like they’re just flailing away in an uncaring, unfeeling literary universe?


3 thoughts on “Query Letter Update…

  1. Bonsai says:

    I feel ya. I think you and I have spent similar energy, but my lifting was almost entirely on one very important piece. I queried around 70 agents and then decided to bag that stinkin’ process. If you are interested I describe my process and what I’m doing today in http://wp.me/p6uC2h-wU. I know very well from tons of research that what I’ve written is completely unique and important. I’ve invested plenty too. I didn’t want my name associated with shoddy work so I paid for coaching and all that.

    It is exciting that you have a deal in the making! You are in the home stretch! Best of luck and I’ll follow to see how it all works out.


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