So… Grinding it out works??? Who knew!!!

But in all sarcastic seriousness, I finally got a new job. That’s part of the reason I’ve not been blogging (the other part being just plain laziness and procrastination). I also had to move halfway across the state, so there’s the whole adjusting thing too. It’s kind of hard to remember that about at the end of January, I was just heading out to yet another job interview. True, it went pretty well, but let’s face it, after two years of scrounging around at the bottom of the employment barrel, you stop getting your hopes up.But then I got an offer letter and leased an apartment ten days later. So, for all the swearing and screaming and crying, my hard work paid off. And this past month has been pretty glorious. The job is great AND in my degree field (publishing). The new apartment and finally breaking out from living with the parents have been wonderful as well. So for all you writer peoples and other random readers searching for that one job: it’s worth it.

But I’m not going to be all cheerful about it. I’m not going to smile and pat your head and tell you to keep sending off your resumes like a good little employee. No.

It’s shit. I know it’s shit. It was two years of shit for me. But just keep doing it. And have an extra drink or an extra candy bar or an extra nap. Do what you need to do to keep grinding for what you want. Because, hopefully, eventually, against all odds and an uncaring universe, someone will eventually reach out. I’m rooting for you now that I don’t have to root for myself.

Keep damn grinding, folks.

(And hopefully, now that I’m not tearing my hair out for most of the work day, my writing will continue to improve/I’ll have more time and energy for it. Double win!)

(Edit: 3/28/17: I think I’ve figured out some issues I was having with these posts, Internet-wise or whatever. Hopefully you guys are seeing these posts at all.)


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