Sunday Slightly-Frenetic Thoughts

Well, I guess I’ve officially settled in to the new place. I’ve started to ponder the future and what to do with my time rather than freaking the eff out over my never-ending to-do list (which, I know, I wouldn’t survive without, but that doesn’t make it less annoying).

I’m debating starting a side-hustle, but I need to find something that doesn’t require every-day participation. You know how well I do with that just looking at my blogging track record.

All you folks out there following the rules of consistent content and who know how to use affiliate links and ads and all that shit–I admire and envy you.

But all in all, I guess it’s a good sign that I want to DO stuff rather than hide away. Now if only I could apply that to actually going out and being social and *gasp* making new friends.

Ah well, just wanted to get this out, maybe commisserate with you readers. Or not, maybe I’m just typing into the void. (And yes, I know, I need to finish the “look” of this website/blog–don’t judge me, damn it.)

(Edit: 3/28/17: I think I’ve figured out some issues I was having with these posts, Internet-wise or whatever. Hopefully you guys are seeing these posts at all.)


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