How to Blog–Sort of…

I’ve been debating how to go about making a blog that is fun to do, abjures all those “real” blogs that actually follow the how-to-blog recipes you find on Pinterest, but also is something that’s real without being too hippie-dippie about it all. It’s true, I do feel better after I post these sometimes-nonsensical little posts and people heart them, but I don’t want to be one of those uber-productive folks who just write blog posts to get traffic to get money (but a monetized blog would be swell, please and thanks). Maybe it’s just that damn existential need to make something that means something that seems to affect us creative folks exponentially more than the “common man”. So now that I have control back over WordPress, and my life situation has gotten considerably better than it was when I started ranting venting into the void of the Internet, and hopefully I get into a good routine that’ll foster my creativity rather than exhausting me every day, maybe Abjure will get a little better, or maybe it’ll stay the swear-y, messy WIP I envisioned as I started. (Can you tell I’m trying to figure out this whole blogging thing without actually trying to read and educate myself on the topic or aim toward anything concrete yet?)


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