Back in the Saddle

All right WordPressians, I’m going to dive back into submitting query letters either this month or next (with Camp NaNo in full swing, I may have to start in May, but we’ll see). I had an agent looking at a secondary submission, but I haven’t heard anything since so I’m guessing they became uninterested (and yes, a tiny damn part of me hopes they just got busy and will be emailing any day now, but I have to stay rational, I suppose). So I’ll be updating my query letter and sending my heart out into the universe to be stomped on some more. Any one else in the same boat? Any tips besides the same old platitudes all over the Internet? I mean, if the shitty, dangerous, and inaccurate 50 Shades series can get out there, surely my book/books can too, right???


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Bonsai says:

    You are a brave soul. Looking around there is just so much talent in the arts (acting, singing, comics, writers…all that) and so few paying consumers. And those that will pay often want to capture glimpse of a “famous person” even if they do shit the same and got lucky at some juncture. So really hitting anything is like the lotto– really hard. I’m not trying to discourage but to say that you are brave to once more put your mind in that place where you watch your emailbox every hour (minute) and pick up phone calls from unknown numbers that turn out to be solicitations. I wonder if I’ll ever do it again. Best of luck!

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    • nearonis says:

      You’re totally right! Sometimes you wonder if you’re just sending stuff into the void, but I–and all creatives out there–have to keep going, if only to try to spite the stats. Thanks for your support. πŸ€—

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      • Bonsai says:

        Yes keep trying. As for me I’m trying to settle into a creativeness that perfectly expresses who I am– blowing it off like dandelion seeds, letting those who allow the weed to grow admiring it for all it is and all it is not. I like the idea of publishing though as I think people sometimes like hold books and I LOVE the idea that another person would hold me words. So I self-published a book and will probably do it again. I have not always perfectly settled with my dream of being a carefree writer (as I know I have stories that are one of a kind and need to be told…) but I’m gradually more and more getting there. It’s another existence.

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