Mental Meanderings (#1?)

Isn’t it kinda sad that for so many people, daily life isn’t about having good days, but about not having bad days?

It’s a sad world where the vast majority of your days are either mediocre, lackluster, or outright bad, and you search and search for those fabled “good days” that allegedly exist somewhere out in the universe for the damn blessed few.

Don’t get me wrong: I truly like my job (not love, because let’s face it, I’m only ever going to love writing) and I have a pretty darn good living situation if not complete financial independence. But talking to your dog about how you had a good day by it not being a bad day? That’s a sign of our culture that is just not encouraging.

How do we change that? I don’t know and I’m not really qualified to try to figure it out to tell you. You rare few who do have strings of true good days: I don’t know whether to worship you or give you the finger.

I’m not sure if I was going anywhere specific with this post. I just wanted to get it out of my head and out into the interwebs to see if anyone else thinks it or might feel comfort that someone else feels this too. (Plus I figure that posting quasi-philosophical stuff like this is a welcome break for all of you tired of my query angst.)

(And now to break with that existential little post, I may or may not be starting a new “series” with this, hence the odd-ish title. In an effort to increase my online presence, I’m going to really try to post more, and it may only last the next few days. Who knows? I don’t. If you like this or find it so cloyingly pretentious you’ve gagged four times over, just let me know and I may take your opinion into account. Abjure isย mine,ย after all.)


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