People who spend any time on the internet are always supposed to have a blog, right? Something even semi-professional, I suppose. I tried to do that with Tumblr, but it’s way too easy to fall down the humor/NSFW hole there. So I guess I’m going to try again here. Nothing too fancy or stuffy or pretentious (I hope). Just somewhere I can try to put together a personal philosophy and escape the horrible grind of the mean old world outside of the internet. That’s what the whole “Abjure” thing is about. Abjure means “to renounce, to repudiate”. Here, I want to abjure the whole “grind it out until you get where you want to be”. Yeah, I guess that’s going to have to be true for now IRL, but…sometimes you just want to escape to somewhere you don’t have to be ashamed to just read and play video games and fail at Pinterest crafts and try your hand at all the cool things you see across the ocean of internet possibilities instead of grinding it out ALL THE TIME, and I hope Abjure can be that for me–and maybe if I get any readers, you can live vicariously through these clawing-for-something-else posts. So, come in, abjure the grind, and try to forget about taxes and responsibilities and blah blah blah (until I start in on my complaints/cynicism posts, but I also abjure the whole “be cheerful all the time” crap [oh yeah, there’ll be some swears too, grow up]).

I suppose you might also want to hear about me, huh? This sarcastic voice on the other side of the screen (or the voice who hopes she at least sounds sarcastic)? Well, I’m Nicole, mid-twenties, flailing through the quarter-life crisis without a job she loves and wanting desperately to be a novelist or at least NOT in customer service. I’ve linked to my various social media stuff over to the right, so go, look, and I guess you can also check out my other little blogs I still have over on Tumblr: Amateur Bloggery, Writerly Wonderings, and Storied Pictures. Don’t expect much, but enjoy as you will.


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