#70pit17 Entry–Show it some love!

Two posts in one morning?! Surely that is not-good blog behavior! Yeah, I don't care, I need all the help I can get. You can find my Twitter pitch entry here for the pg. 70 contest. You can RT and heart as you like if you do truly like the idea (I ain't gonna beg … Continue reading #70pit17 Entry–Show it some love!


Query Update

Well, I just had an agent sorta request my revised first chapter!!! (I asked if I could send it in response to a reject letter, which you're not usually supposed to do, but it wasn't a form reject and I thought why the hell not.) Also entering the #70pit17 and #PitMad contests this week. It's … Continue reading Query Update

A little snippet…

So, how does one consistently blog when one is also revising a manuscript, planning and outlining another, and querying every day/week? Whoever does it, you must be practicing time travel...

Back in the Saddle

All right WordPressians, I'm going to dive back into submitting query letters either this month or next (with Camp NaNo in full swing, I may have to start in May, but we'll see). I had an agent looking at a secondary submission, but I haven't heard anything since so I'm guessing they became uninterested (and … Continue reading Back in the Saddle